Beth Cornell

A few words about me...

I am Beth Cornell. I began my career in design in middle-school where I began a business painting on clothing. I designed and painted jackets for $10 per jacket. Motivated by money, and many satisfied customers who were my peers, I found that filling a need in my community with my artistic and design skills was a great combination. From there, I went through a 3-year course of Graphic Design in high school (graduated 1985). Upon graduation, I began my career in the printing industry. I was fortunate enough to travel to Germany as the spouse of an Air Force Seargent where I learned from some of the best graphic design and printers in the business working for the USAPPCE (United States Army Printing and Publications Center, Europe '89-93). Upon returning to the United States, I transitioned to digital design and began working online with web and graphics ('95-present). I eventually owned my own business, Be Nice Design LLC, where I helped small and micro business startups develop a web presence. I worked remotely and collaborated with other designers across the USA. All the while I never gave up my love for painting, I had a side career as an artist in traditional mediums. I have shown my work in Arizona and Los Angeles, many pieces are in private collections.

I’m currently exploring digital painting with Photoshop and loving it.

Artist Statement

As an artist, I find that nature is the source of my unending inspiration. I see color and patterns everywhere that I incorporate into my art and designs. Making an immediate emotional connection, being attracted to a design, is vital in my opinion. Good design changes the observer in subtle ways, much the way spending time in nature restores the soul.

I used this digital painting, that I call Magical Succulents, to set the tone for color choice and overall aesthetic of my digital design portfolio. Here is the painting in its entirety.

Magical Succulents, digital painting by Beth Cornell